Don’t Kill Live Music

The sound can be heard loud from Melbourne, Australia…

“A Government plan to tackle alcohol-related violence at venues resulted in massive licensing fee rises and extra security requirements for venues with live amplified music.”

A huge crowd of musicians and music lovers gathered to show their support of live music and the venues that serve them.

We love live music…  Thanx go out to the thousands who support it all around the world.

See the full article here:  http://www.news.com.au/national/huge-crowd-gathers-in-central-melbourne-to-support-threatened-live-music-venues/story-e6frfkvr-1225833594574


Music Industry

There are many sides to this story.  So I will give you mine.


This article is about the decline in sales of music.  It presents a few different angles.  Mine is simple.  I buy a lot of CD’s and purchase from iTunes from time to time.  My music collection is nearly sanitary.  There is one more CD from Jonny Lang I need to purchase, and I will own it all.

My conviction is not so much from a legal or moral standpoint but from a person dedication standpoint.  I love Live Music and attend many festivals.  What the artists bring to me and my life is beauty.  So, I purchase a lot of CDs (over 1,200 in the last 8 years), and most of them directly from the artists.  I figure it is a symbiotic relationship.  I buy music and attend their concerts, and they make music which brings sooo much to my life…

Follow your heart.  If you like the music, buy it.  The music will be there next year again for you to enjoy again.  If not, it will fade away.  Nobody can work for nothing forever and survive.


Variety Playhouse, Atlanta – Tinsley Ellis and The Soul Shakers

The Soul Shakers opened up the show for Tinsley Ellis  on Friday, October 23. The Soul Shakers are a Rhythm & Soul Rock and Roll band out of the Atlanta. On the second Friday of every month, you can catch their performance at the Northside Tavern in Atlanta. They name their influences as Blues, Soul, Rock & Roll with a little bit of Surf and Honky-Tonk thrown in. Fantastic! This was my first time to see them, and I’ll see them again at Northside!

Tinsley has a new CD, Speak No Evil. Be sure to pick it up if you get a chance. As expected, Tinsley put on a loud, blues and rock show that always pleases his audience. I never pass on the chance to see Tinsley play. What a great blues guitartist,  singer, songwriter…

Get out and see some live music this weekend!



Deb Callahan at Brackin’s in Maryville, TN

Brenda and I made a surprise visit to see Deb Callahan perform again.  She is one very fine musician.  She was breaking in a new drummer this week, but they are coming together really well.

Deb hails from Philly and shares her tunes all over.  You can read a great article on her at http://www.getouttolivemusic.com/featured-artist.php?aid=10

Thanx for the tunes Deb…


EG Kight – Chattanooga Billiard Club, Downtown

On August 22, EG played at Chattanooga Billiard Club in downtown Chattanooga. The dining room is the perfect spot for EG’s acoustic set, and a great crowd showed up to see and hear her. EG’s been described as the “Georgia Songbird”. Don’t let that fool you, though. She’s a true blues singer and mean guitarist. Once you see her live, you’ll keep going back for more. See you there, next time!




Nightfall – John Nemeth

On Friday,  August 21, John Nemeth played at Chattanooga’s Nightfall Concert Series. What luck for us! Steve and I missed the chance to see him at the Wheeling Heritage Music BluesFest on August 7.  John’s harp and vocal talents combine in a show that knock your socks off.  He had a good turn out, too. And, sitting in the first row was E.G. Kight!

Get out to a live show this week!




Wheeling, WV – Heritage Music BluesFest ‘09

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Wheeling’s 2009 Heritage Music BluesFest started off and ended with ”BANG”.  From Friday night’s start to the last performance on Sunday nothing but the best of the blues came from the stage by the river. It’s hard to give each band the justice they deserve, so I’ve added the entire schedule below so you can check out each one. One thing is sure — Bruce Wheeler knows how to put together a great festival. The best thing about the festival is that these great artists stop by the sales table to sign CDs and chat with the fans. Where else, but at a blues festival, can you do that? I hope to see you there next year; it’s always the second weekend in August!  

FRIDAY – 8/07/09
Eden Brent
John Nemeth
The Soul Of John Black
Elvin Bishop

SATURDAY – 8/08/09
IBC Solo / Duo Winner
Mikey Jr.
David Jacobs Strain
Delta Highway
Saffire the Uppity Blues Women
Ronnie Baker Brooks
Walter Trout
Bobby Rush

SUNDAY – 8/09/09
IBC Band Winner
Moreland & Arbuckle
Ruthie Foster
Magic Slim & the Teardrops
Sonny Landreth
The Fabulous Thunderbirds


Atlanta – July 4th weekend

We managed to get in three nights of music over the long 4th of July weekend.

On Thursday evening, Chicken and Pigs played at Karvarna. This is a great venue and the band plays a unique comedy routine. On Friday, we headed over to Front Page News at Midtown to catch Slip Tripman. This cover band has been described as the ultimate party band and they proved that to be right. If you remember it, they can play it. My favorite music night was Saturday. Bill Sheffield played at Northside Tavern and put on his usual awesome show. Anytime I can see Bill Sheffield play, I’m sure to be there!

Get out and catch some life music this week!


Brenda’s birthday party with EG Kight

On June 20th we celebrated one of the significant birthday milestones for Brenda and were totally honored to have EG Kight join us in the celebration.  She brought along here Taylor Guitar and amplifier and did two wonderful sets for the guests.  The house was filled with fine tunes such as Trouble, from EG’s Trouble album, House of the Rising Sun from her most recent album, and many others.

Thank you EG for making this special day even more special.  We enjoy your friendship…


Just Jo

Interview with Jo-Anne Carlson, Just Jo
by Sarah Powell

A woman of strength and true to herself, Jo-Anne Carlson, who recently became known as Just Jo, draws in her listeners with soulful rock and blues inspired by her life experiences. “People should be nice to me” she says jokingly – in a way, “or they might end up in one of my songs.” Jo-Anne shows her strength in the name Just Jo. “Just me,” she explains the name represents her and encourages other women to “just be yourself; don’t try to be a Barbie.”

When asked what drove her passion for music, she responded that “it has always been there”. When she was about seven or eight years old, she had a small piano with only three Cs. She laughed at the memory, “it had to drive the neighbors crazy” as she learned to play. Raised in Kingston, Jamaica, her family lived in a two-story home where the chiming sound of the small piano rang through the neighborhood. As she grew up, her passion for music grew as well. She took lessons in piano and classical voice as well as sang in choirs. She always wanted to learn the guitar. When she was laid off of work back in 2002, her husband bought her an acoustic guitar.  He encouraged her to play now that she had the time to learn.

She shared that it is a great challenge to play the guitar and sing simultaneously. “The nerves get to you” playing on stage in front of people. Everyone is different in dealing with their nerves, “just picture everyone in their underwear” or whatever works, she said as she laughed. Being able to accept this challenge is actually how she landed the gig at Cheyenne Grille and Sports Bar. She went just to speak with the manager about the style of music that interested him. When she told the manager she had an acoustic act and sang blues and rock, he was interested and put her on the spot to show her talent. After playing, he liked her style and she got the job. The patrons really enjoy her sound. Check out Just Jo every Friday night in August at 9:00PM at the Cheyenne Grille and Sports Bar in Atlanta, Georgia.

Coming up on September 21st, Jo-Anne is looking forward to performing at the Mason Murer Art Gallery. The Mason Murer Art Gallery is presenting an exhibit with the “The Great Gatsby” theme. Jo-Anne is one of three or four acts creating the atmosphere for the scenes with soulful music.

What brought Jo-Anne from Jamaica all the way to Georgia – you wonder? Education. When she was seventeen years old, she left Jamaica to attend Ambassador University in Big Sandy, Texas where she earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. After graduation, she moved to Atlanta, Georgia for the convenience and necessity of public transportation. She also had someone to stay with as she waited for her work visa. Since then, she and her husband travel between Washington and Georgia, primarily for her husband’s family. In Georgia, she works as an executive assistant by day while enjoying her true passion for music by night.

Jo-Anne is an avid song writer. She’s written every song that she performs. Each song unfolds to provoke thought and enjoyment – from philosophical songs such as “Waterto love songs such as “On My Side” that tells a typical fairy tale that takes place in a grocery store.

When asked which song stands out and expresses her thoughts the most, she stated “Water” does just that. This song was inspired by a poem written by her husband. One day, she began writing a phrase and the rest just fell into place becoming an intriguing flow of lyrics. “Complementary opposites” that’s what “Water” is about; Jo-Anne explained as she began quoting the lyrics “I am water and air, fire and earth. I am nothing but something, I die and give birth”. Complementary opposites have been written about by philosophers. What it means to her is that it is “just another way of seeing the same thing.” Another perspective of the same situation. Jo-Anne continues with the lyrics “I am beauty and ugliness, darkness and light.” This suggests a person may be beautiful on the outside, but ugly on the inside; the reverse may also be true. “I am sorrow and happiness, blindness and sight,” which represents the times when people show happiness on the outside, but on the inside, they are feeling sorrow.

While Jo-Anne’s parents still live in Jamaica, Jo-Anne and her mother work together writing songs such as “Give Me Time” and “Be Yourself”.  At times, her mother writes a part of the lyrics and asks Jo-Anne to put them to music. Jo-Anne “modernizes the words” and composes the music to make the song complete. Jo-Anne admitted that she is certain she shares a characteristic with her mom of not being able to sit still and always driven to try something new. Jo-Anne is all the time working on something new with her writing and composing music and even picking up a new instrument – the banjo may be next. With her passion in music expressed in song, we can look forward to joining her in new experiences and stories to which we can all relate.

A word from Jo-Anne to all her fans… “Keep loving music. Spread your mind; open your mind to try new things. Thanks for listening and your support.”

Jo-Anne lives the life that she encourages others to live.

Keep being you, Just Jo! Keep on rocking.